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Docmart for Consumer

In any other market place, consumers know the price and the quality of what they are buying ahead of the purchase. This makes it easier for them to do comparison shopping. But it is not the case with healthcare as there is no healthcare price transparency, at least until now!!

Americans pay, on average, about 4 times as much for a hip replacement as patients in Switzerland or France and more than 3 times as much as those in New Zealand or Britain. A heart valve surgery costs about $15,000 in India versus 150,000 in the US. This does not necessarily mean that you have to travel outside the country to get your healthcare. Many times, you can travel not too far from home but still save thousands of dollars in getting healthcare services or procedures.

Docmart empowers the consumers with the data about healthcare pricing. This data
is obtained from the providers and also consumers like you. This will help you find the care you need for the price you can afford.