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Docmart for Facilities and Hospitals

Even consumers with health insurance increasingly find that they have a stake in
the cost of their care because they’re paying a far bigger share out of their own pockets. Last year, the average family deductible for an employer preferred-provider-organization plan was $1,488, up from $1,034 in 2006, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust. More than half of workers pay a percentage of the price of outpatient surgery and hospital admissions, rather than just flat copayments.

More and more patients have very high annual deductible before insurance coverage even begins, followed by significant coinsurance, sometimes requiring patients pay 10-20% of every medical pill, up to a maximum total annual out-of-pocket expenditure that can potentially exceed 10,000 for a family. In this scenario, many patients postpone or cancel their visits or procedures which not only affect their well being but also affect your revenue. By being transparent with healthcare pricing, which is becoming a new norm, you will be honest and upfront with your pricing which will generate lot more patient visits.

Docmart puts you in front of millions of people who seek or shop for healthcare
every day. This will give you the exposure that you need without spending money on expensive marketing campaigns. These savings can be passed on to you and the patients.