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Docmart for employers and health insurance companies

The healthcare costs in the US are estimated to reach $ 4.7 trillion by 2020. Consumers are demanding transparency and pricing information from healthcare providers. Innovation will come from providers and health plans satisfying the unmet needs of these consumers, who want transparency, value, and convenience.

In a study, a group of patients received details about the costs and outcomes of different MRI providers in their area. This resulted in decrease of $99 (9.4%) in the average cost of an MRI scan. The cost saving was attributed to the patient’s being better informed about the cost and their shift from hospital outpatient facilities in favor of freestanding facilities. In this era of increased healthcare costs that is affecting the bottom line of employers who are paying a portion of healthcare costs of their employees and insurance companies that are burdened with increased healthcare costs, it makes sense for your employees or your health insurance recipients to shop for the best price. This creates a win-win situation for the companies and for the consumers.